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Market Logic and Tesco win 2019 MRS Best Data Solution award


The Market Research Society (MRS) awarded ‘Insights Out,’ Market Logic’s insights platform at Tesco, 2019’s Best Data Solution. Insight Out brings all Tesco’s research and data onto one platform, so any business manager can ask a question and get answers from their multi-million-pound knowledge estate comprising thousands of research projects, industry reports, and periodic trackers.

“Our Market Logic platform, Insight Out, embeds insights across our global and complex business, and dramatically reduces the colleague time needed to get quick insights that answer their questions.”

Naomi Kasolowsky


“The platform removes the need for manually hunting for answers to business questions. Instead, it brings together all of the internal knowledge in one place – an impressive and innovative research tool. Congratulations Market Logic!”

MRS Judges

From retail insights ‘providers’ to ‘advisors’ with AI

Insights professionals in the retail industry are faced with significant increases in shopper touchpoints and revolutions in shopper behavior. They have to stay on top of insights from dozens of product categories and transversal subjects that span the shopper journey. The best among them don’t just provide insights to the business – they deploy powerful AI technology to handle the tsunami of data and research, so they can focus their human intelligence on storytelling and advising the business.